Reduced Water And Energy Consumption
With the new 4 program Samsung 13 Place Stainless Steel Dishwasher, you use only 12L water consumption compared to the average dishwasher which uses up to 20L which makes it perfect for your household, due to the water restrictions that our country is currently facing.

The new Samsung Stainless Steel Dishwasher gets an A+ rating because it uses less energy compared to an A-rated Defy dishwasher. This new Samsung dishwasher has a 13 place setting which is suitable for you and your family’s dishes and you will be cutting costs by saving energy and water. The energy annual consumption of this dishwasher is 295 Kilo Watt hour per year.

Cutlery Rack
A cutlery rack provides an additional storage compartment for all cutlery and it is removable which allows you to remove it, once dishwasher cycle is complete making it easy to pack away your cutlery.

Adjustable Upper Rack
The upper rack is adjustable in order to create more space in the lower rack which will accommodate various sizes and shapes of dishes, including all pots, oversized plates and wide platters. Upper rack can be moved up or down by 5cm in one simple movement.

Less Noise Guaranteed
With a noise level which is as low as 48DB, you will not even hear this Samsung dishwasher in the next room.

Samsung Dishwasher Programs
There are four programs on this dishwasher which can be selected by the push of a button:

Eco program
Intensive program
Clean & Shine
Express program

Additional Features
Half Load option, which gives will allow you to fill and clean items on the lower rack only. So you can save time and energy by running smaller loads and enjoy the convenience of having clean dishes at any time of the day.
Child Lock, to prevent the little ones from coming in contact with the dishwasher detergents.

The dimension of Samsung 13 Place Stainless Steel Dishwasher is H 835mm x W 596mm x D 600mm.



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